January Is Scary!



Well, let’s face it, life in general is scary (I try not to watch the nightly news if I want to sleep) but January is particularly scary to a business person who recently tossed aside a very secure safety net.

Not only is it cold and gloomy most of the time here in Chicago, but after a gang-buster holiday season, the world has suddenly gone on a diet. It’s bread and water time (wait, no bread, that’s a carb!).

I’m sure I am not the only business that has a slow January, just a new experience for me without the old day job. So I am putting it out there…what do you do to fill the “scary times”?

I have taken this gloomy January day to write this blog, organize (that’s some task), set goals (an even bigger task), and prepare for Super Snarf Saturday, and Valentine’s Day. As I do all these thing, and many more, I listen to subliminal CD’s telling me not to be scared, I really am good enough!

Snarf On!




Defying Gravity In The New Year!


Being light years behind most people, I recently discovered the soundtrack to the musical Wicked. One song struck a cord with me…Defying Gravity.

Now I know this is a song about a green witch about to take flight, but all I could keep thinking of was July 2017 when I made my own decision to defy gravity. I mean, truer words were never spoken or, in this case, sung:

“Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I’m through with playing by the rules
Of someone else’s game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It’s time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes and leap!”

“It’s time to try
Defying gravity
I think I’ll try
Defying gravity
And you can’t pull me down!”

So with 6 months under my belt and the best holiday season to date (thank you) Snarf Foods™ will continue defying gravity with your support.  Let me tell you gravity has a mighty pull, but I won’t let it pull me down!

Happy New Year and #SnarfOn!


It’s Been A BIG Week!

SpreadArmI have been noticeably silent these past weeks (sorry about that), as I was preparing for last week…and what a week it was!

I started at the Kenosha Harbor Market. This wonderful market has now moved indoors for the season to the Rhode Theater. I am only at this market a limited amount of Saturdays, because with the holidays fast approaching and I won’t be able to come up for air. It was great fun and huge success. So many of my Frequent Snarfers from the summer market dropped by to say hello and get their Snarf Foods™ fix!

Then on Monday I had a professional photo shoot of many of my products. I have been wanting to do this for sometime. I finally found a photographer who I could trust to do the job and OMG did he do a fantastic job! Michael Delott is a master and you will be seeing a lot of his photos soon.

In between all this, orders began coming in from no where. How wonderful is that? I guess listening to all those positive thinking compact discs is finally paying off!

Finally, Sunday was the highlight of my week, perhaps my year. I was a “chef” at the annual Holiday Meals Celebrity Brunch. This is their biggest fundraiser for the year and for those who don’t know, Snarf Foods™ donates a portion of its profits to Holiday Meals On Wheels. This was just one more way for us to give back. In fact this was such a wonderful experience it probably deserves a blog all by itself. People flocked to the Snarf Foods™ table in droves and we received great feedback. Many thanks to Barbara Sistak from License Plate Garage for volunteering to help. I couldn’t have kept up without her!

Not a bad week for someone who just “retired” from their day job. I am busier and happier than ever. Let’s hope the weeks continue to be BIG!

Snarf On!

Woman Versus Glacier



It has been brought to my attention that a glacier (particularly in light of Global Warming, yes I am a believer) moves faster than I do. We are not talking track and field here, but rather my inability to make a decision and take action on it.

I have always known I have been a bit challenged when it comes to accepting change and tend to way over analyze issues.  It took me 14 years to decide it would be a good idea to marry my husband (glad he was persistent because it was the best move I ever made). 10 plus years to decide to get another dog (also a good decision on most days) and 28 years to leave my day job to pursue my dream of building my own company Snarf Foods (the jury is still out on that one since it has only been 3 months, but so far I am a whole lot happier).

So based on my history I’m a little concerned I might get bogged down again and frankly I don’t have time for that any more. So my Frequent Snarfers, please keep on me…really! PLEASE send me your ideas and comments on how I can keep moving forward and growing my business.

Finally, if it starts to look like I am digging myself another rut, you have my permission to hire that pie in the face guy to shake things up!

Snarf On!


The Anatomy Of A KILLER Caramel Apple


I have been searching a lifetime for a caramel apple as good as the one I first tasted growing up in Shorewood, Wisconsin. Jorgensen’s candy shop, on Oakland Avenue, was the place I would run to after school to grab one of their masterpieces. Sweet, soft caramel on the perfect tart apple (I preferred mine plain verses those coated with peanuts). Simple perfection.

Jorgensen’s has long since vanished, but my quest to find the perfect apple has not. Then it suddenly occurred to me that I had the recipe for Killer Karamel™ (yes, it is to die for, hence the name). What if I put it on/in something other than our truffles or pizzas…perhaps APPLES!

After a bit of experimentation, Bob’s Killer Karamel™ Apples were born. Just caramel (these taste just like those from Jorgensen’s); Caramel with a dark/white chocolate drizzle; Caramel with dark/white chocolate drizzle & covered with our Praline Insanity™ snack mix. All are available gluten-free (just ask).

So there they are. 3 apples for your munching enjoyment and to bring back memories of childhood. Still working on The Cheeto Apple (get it, a slice of cheese on your caramel apple pie) but the Cheetos keep getting soggy. Anyone out there have any ideas how to prevent that? Until the bugs are worked out on “The Cheeto”, be sure to…#SnarfOn!

Our Core Values


So, I’ve been looking at a lot of apples lately getting the bugs out of our new Killer Karamel™ apples (they are soooo good, but more on them later) and I got to thinking…

What are Snarf Foods™ core values?

Here’s what I know for sure (thanks Oprah):

  • We believe in treating everyone (customers, vendors, supporters, detractors and, if we had any, employees) with respect. That also means saying please and thank you (got to thank mom for that one, not Oprah, though I am sure she would agree).
  • We believe in family. If not for family, Snarf Foods™ would not exist. From my brother who does all the wacky artwork; my husband who can deal with just about anything technical; my long departed mother who kept my books in balance and a smile on my face; they are the best group of unpaid “employees” you could ask for!
  • We believe that communication is key. So many problems can be avoided by just letting the other guy know what is going on.
  • We believe in doing what you say and if for some reason you can’t…COMMUNICATE!
  • We believe is creating tasty, fresh products at reasonable prices. Good stuff sometimes costs a bit more (have you seen the prices of butter and REAL vanilla lately…ouch!).
  • We believe in giving back. Snarf Foods™ is passionate about feeding the hungry. That is why we donate a portion of our profits to Holiday Meals On Wheels. We also care about our environment, which is why we volunteer to keep a roadway clean in Gurnee, Illinois. We also try to use biodegradable or recyclable packaging.
  • We believe in having fun. If you haven’t already noticed we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We hope that if we are having fun, you are too.

Not a bad start. What do you think? What are your core values?

#SnarfOn! and if you enjoy reading our blog, please follow us!

A Labor Of Love This Labor Day

BobFace_ColorAs you all may or may not know, Snarf Foods™ is based on a recipe created by Robert “Bob” Pritchard. His original recipe is still our biggest seller and as I like to say, the reason I married his son David! Bob would only reveal his secret to family so I had to go all in!

In 2001 Bob passed away and I promised him I would take our little dream forward. Yes, I have been at this a LONG time, but, Snarf Foods™ is truly a labor of love and a promise I made long ago.

So I wish you all a Happy Labor Day and may all your labors be as happy as mine. If it’s not, perhaps it’s time jump off a cliff with me!

Snarf On!